Letters to the Editor

Wants businesses to pay for pollution

You and I pay to have our garbage picked up. You and I pay sewer fees to the waste water treatment plant to clean our waste water. I believe companies that produce waste and pollute our air, water and land to operate their businesses should pay to have their garbage and waste cleaned up too.

Washington state established goals in 2008 for limits on greenhouse gas emissions. To meet those requirements, Gov. Inslee has proposed a cap-and-trade program modeled on other successful programs in California, New England and Europe. The program is basically a system to charge the polluters for polluting. The revenue would go directly to our ailing transportation and education systems, and social safety net.

A recent Elway poll of citizens of Washington found 71 percent support for Gov. Inslee’s proposal. After all, it makes sense that we are responsible for cleaning up our own mess. That should include everyone.

Marlene Ayala