Letters to the Editor

Offers suggestions for new water impacts

The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers want the Clean Water Act extended to wetlands and other non-navigable waters having no significant connection with interstate commerce. Dwindling salmon stocks and drinking water do require sane pollution laws. But, would unlicensed feds ever be thorough enough?

After reading “King of Fish,” I say not! The ineffectiveness of “overlapping authorities across conflicted jurisdictions” can only be countered by three to six additional sheriff’s deputies per county deploying ASTM-certified pollution sensors outside city limits during dead periods on routine patrols. More state patrol officers, too, but for down-and-dirty citing of natural habitat, irrigation ditch screen, old growth margin and catch limit violations while also watching over channel migration zones, salmon-preserve watersheds, fish-friendly culverts, and algae blooms in loose consonance with watershed management “river keepers!”

Offsets? How about former “cubicle cops” no longer funded indirectly by 1,100 grants-in-aid (1/6th of the federal budget) and/or directly by locals to keep “fecal coliform out of shellfish beds” and “cows out of buffers?”

Bottom line: Real cops, fines, old-growth margins and no more buffers! Add by-catch quotas, mouth-net revival boxes, annual catch limits, city clean-ups of storm drains and bay toxin removals and urban streams, shellfish beds, and bottom feeders — including halibut! — will thrive once again! Shortened seasons, hatchery shutdowns (save for one wild salmon hatchery on the upper Nooksack), right of passage safeguards and very occasional repartition of ground and/or surface water (to restore habitat and/or cut upstream wait times for fall chinooks) and all five wild salmon species, too, will be back with gusto!

Terry Montonye