Letters to the Editor

Concerned about decline of standard of living

Concerned about decline of standard of living

Sixty years ago Americans were looking for communists trying to undermine our nation from within by weakening our economic, social, religious and education institutions thus making us ripe for a communist take-over. Ironically, Republicans led this fight and are now at the forefront of efforts that I believe are delivering the objectives they were trying to prevent decades ago.

I believe Republicans have made tax reduction an idol, and will sacrifice anything to cut taxes. They have starved the government of adequate revenue for education at all levels and for our transportation infrastructure. I believe they support economic practices and policies that have redistributed wealth and wages to the wealthy. They have failed to support the needs of returning veterans and authorized billions in defense spending the military does not want.

At a time when they say they are trying to save their children and grandchildren from the perils of national debt, I believe they are leaving them a legacy of crumbling roads and bridges, a declining world standing in education, the worst health care access for ordinary people in the western world, and a declining standard of living for all but the wealthy. American is becoming exceptional in its rate of self-inflicted decline.

My characterization of Republicans applies only to those controlling the party’s agenda and policies, including local state legislators.

Jim Thomson