Letters to the Editor

Cartoons led to reconsidering freedom of speech

The world has responded loudly to the Parisian tragedy. I have had to rethink freedom of speech. The sophomoric satirical cartoons, obscene and bordering on hate speech in my opinion, not surprisingly brought strong reaction from those insulted. The same goes for the North Korean joke, which even got a stupid moment at the Golden Globes, our intelligence degraded once more.

Muslims will be under even more distrust than now. But let us remember that a Muslim employee in a restaurant prevented more Jewish deaths that day. He will be forgotten in the political hoo-hah and punditry but he is a hero in my eyes.

Undoubtedly we will be back at our battle stations immediately, but we had a glimpse of hope and a reminder that we have freedom of thought and the choice to choose what we read and think.

Belle Shalom