Letters to the Editor

Says terrorists who ran are cowards

It is hard for me to understand the reasons for such an assault as in France this last week. If one was to do what these people did with such commitment it seems as though they are serious enough they want to be sent off to heaven immediately — so why run? They are so committed to the act of violence to show some lack in Christian ethics, why not go all the way — but they run? What kind of cowards are these? They kill only the innocents or are they arguing we are all guilty? One does not know their nominal motives — a cartoon, really? What kind of container have these people lived in?

I do not want to provoke more but it is reminiscent of the old concept of the propaganda of the deed. These manifestations of violence are to provoke a revolution in the belief of the provocateurs. If they are committed to their cause let them stand and fight rather than run as the cowards they are!

J. Kaye Faulkner