Letters to the Editor

Happy with Inslee’s carbon trade plan

Our family is concerned with the rising levels of carbon pollution and the negative effects this has on our lives. We are grateful to Gov. Inslee for proposing a cap and trade program to make polluters pay for carbon emissions, which will achieve the goals already agreed to in 2008.

Floods, fires, landslides and ocean acidification are all affecting our health and our budgets. Asking those who pollute to pay for their pollution would increase the revenues the state government badly needs as well as stimulating green job growth. I like this. The estimate is $1 billion in increased revenue which can be used for education and transportation priorities.

I remember as a kid when we all threw our trash out the window of the car and thought nothing of it. Our common consciousness grew and we changed social expectations of what is right and good. We can do this again and stop throwing our pollution into the air with nary a thought to the damage we are doing.

Mary H. Mele