Letters to the Editor

Says downtown workers need parking

As an employee of a downtown Bellingham business, I am greatly concerned with the parking situation. I can’t believe that local businesses are not provided with downtown parking. For those who don’t live close enough to walk, bike, or use the bus, they have to deal with finding metered parking that has a long enough time limit, as well as paying. There is only one row of eight-hour meters downtown, and they tend to fill up quickly. If there was reserved parking for downtown employees, even just a spot or two per business, in a back lot or side street, it would take less customer parking from the front streets. There is always talk about increasing the downtown business scene, and then there are impediments like this in the way of that happening. Where I come from, there was always business parking or parking that was free and reserved for employees, so it’s just hard for me to understand a place that doesn’t offer it, especially in such a busy downtown area.

Sydney Dean