Letters to the Editor

Wants bus shelters in Whatcom County

As we all understand Whatcom County does not have the luxury of San Diego or Phoenix weather. No, we have a bit more rain, cold damp and northeast winds. In the county, Everson specifically, the wind, rain and cold cuts in a bit more. Ridership from Everson is pretty consistent as with all bus stops. We are no different with the exception of no bus shelter. There was one and then there wasn’t, and still isn’t.

Riders of all ages climb aboard the buses: seniors, students, and young children; some with umbrellas and some not. Umbrellas do not stop the sideways rain and the bitter cold wind.

As an Everson Library Board member we were told that bus stops were available to use for our bicycle shelters. Are you kidding me? If the local businesses say the bus shelter interferes with the business signage, figure something out. Businesses are warm, but the riders are getting sick and some end up at the doctors and not enjoying what your business provides. Help support your neighbors WTA and our local businesses. I’ m not a bus rider, just ashamed.

Don Bronsema