Letters to the Editor

Wants Sen. Erickson to acknowledge climate change

I applaud The Bellingham Herald for carrying the Tacoma Tribune’s series covering the damage that global warming is currently doing to Mount Rainier and the potential devastation that it is likely to wreak on the surrounding territory as it progresses. Although a majority of Americans acknowledge the facts of global warming and that our own defilement of our atmosphere has a hand in promoting this, it is sad to read that our State Senator, Doug Erickson, describes himself as a “climate change agnostic.” As chair of the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee, he is in a position to promote or to block efforts by the Governor to take steps to reduce global warming green house gasses. It concerns me that he glibly calls the Governor’s proposals a “tax on freedoms.” As a high-ranking politician, Erickson represents all of the people of the county and the state. As such, I believe he has a responsibility to direct legislation in ways that acknowledge the facts of climate change and to take action to combat its effects that are so poignantly illustrated in The Tribune’s series. If the senator truly wants to be a leader in our state, I believe that he will have to move beyond his political partisanship and his agnosticism.

Ron Kleinknecht