Letters to the Editor

Reminds that life is short, precious

I sometimes think that the only thing scarier for me than death is living too long. I am of the generation that has developed and put to use amazing life-sustaining medical interventions to prolong life, so I have mixed feelings about having the view that maybe we overstay our welcome here on earth.

While death has been a part of life since life began, living longer is a recent phenomenon whose hope sparks economic growth, transportation industry profits, medical research and clinical practice, recreational and exercise obsessiveness, the diet industry, pharmaceutical drug manufacturing and use, even the application of highly successful emergency medical techniques on the battlefield to save and prolong lives of young American soldiers, although often at a terrible cost both mentally and physically.

At this time of year, following the winter solstice, even as violence and disintegration seem to be placed daily before our eyes, we look outward towards renewal. Another year has passed; spring is coming. We tend to think that there’s “plenty of time.” Then when there is not plenty of time, we wonder if we’ve fulfilled our potential for ourselves and for the greater good. Have we loved and been loved enough to make the trip worthwhile?

Rick Hermann