Letters to the Editor

Concerned about power to censor

I am curious. Just how many anti-American, anti-capitalist, so-called anarchists and would-be communists fully appreciate a little taste of real communism, North Korean-style?

Terrorists effectively censored a Hollywood movie (by all accounts a stinker).

I believe the progressive left bastardizes language and no one even blinks anymore. Case in point, the “Guardians of Peace” hacking group.

Where are the tie-dyed hipsters carrying signs in downtown about violations of our First Amendment?

Who will carry complaint of this egregious event to the floor of the United Nations and cry for the trampled freedoms our own government cannot even abridge?

Who will ask for the heads (figuratively) of those responsible and demand a trial in the World Court for crimes against humanity?

Hummm, the silence is deafening.

That silence only confirms what I’ve been thinking all along: the progressive left really admire the power to censor political, artistic and human thought.

Konrad Lau

Sedro Woolley