Letters to the Editor

Suggests carbon tax for climate proposal

The Dec. 14 Bellingham Herald noted nearly 200 nations around the world were working in Lima, Peru on a climate change accord they all could agree on. They finished and all 200 nations signed the agreement. The accord promises each nation will submit a plan to address climate change within their own cultural and economic constraints. A “name and shame” type agreement, it relies on global reputation and peer pressure to encourage each nation to prepare specific climate change plans that include targets and strategies for reaching them. I believe this is a great step forward considering the history of climate agreements. As one of the signatories, I believe the U.S. must show up as a responsible global citizen and submit a real plan. Each nation’s plan is due by March 31 with a grace period until June 30. What targets will the U.S. propose and what mechanisms to reach them? What a great time to establish a revenue neutral carbon tax as an integral part of our plan. There is lots of information available describing how such a tax works so there is no need to explain it here other than to say I believe it enhances our economy. What we need now is citizens contacting our congressional delegates encouraging them to get behind the carbon tax and other mechanisms that can drive an effective U.S. climate proposal. It’s time all our delegates get serious on climate change lest they be named and shamed.

Al Hunter