Letters to the Editor

Happy with sound of train horns

I was dismayed to open the paper on Dec. 15 to read that the city could soon quiet the train horns. I love the sound of the train horns! I live in the Columbia neighborhood, close to Eldridge Avenue, and not all that far from C Street, and the sound of the train horns is, to me, one of the great joys of living in this neighborhood. In your article you compare the decibel level of the train horn to that of a dance club or a live concert – but a train horn is not a continuing noise, it is momentary. For what it is worth (no doubt less than the paper it is printed on), my opinion is that the city should save the millions it would cost to improve the crossings, provide a pedestrian crossing at Broadway instead (like the one at Boulevard Park) and let the sound of train horns continue, as long as the amount of train traffic is not noticeably increasing. My suspicion is that quieting the trains is a precursor to bringing more (coal) trains through the city. This should be the real issue – not the sound of the horns.

Susan Holland