Letters to the Editor

Says all should obey law enforcement

Having seen enough of recent protests and uprisings, it is time for this nation’s communities to realize the solution to the recent police/citizen incidents can be resolved. How? No matter what color your skin is, what country you’re from, what your nationality is or other human factors, when you are approached by our law enforcement community you listen and obey their orders, no exception! The outcome can be resolved after all the details are sorted out in a court of law or dismissed for other legally legitimate reasons. There would not be grand jury investigations nor the need to physically engage alleged law breakers, no Fergusons, no New York incidents, if those involved would have followed the directives of law enforcement. To formally arrest and physically restrain them because they didn’t want to obey was the last thing the police wanted to do. It remains basic citizen responsibility to cooperate. I believe there would not be a need for police to find it necessary to use excessive force if only they would have acted responsibly. Our police are our trusted keepers of a safe environment who go to work every day with no predetermined motive to make someone’s life miserable or harm anyone. They serve with integrity. They protect law abiding citizens. Thank our police. I believe two men would be alive today if they had obeyed and not thought they were above the law.

Dan Arola