Letters to the Editor

Wants Christmas celebrations back

Looks like the war on Christmas is alive and well in the Ferndale School District. A “holiday task force” was formed last year over a Christmas tree in an elementary school. Sheesh, when common sense isn’t common, form a committee. Now it appears this “task force,” or the powers that be, has created holiday “guidelines” that schools must follow. A door decorating contest must follow these guidelines by not using symbols such as Santa Claus, angels, crosses, menorahs, Christmas trees, but can use snowman, snow, candy canes, trees, all to “celebrate,” but yet ignore and insult the real reason why students and staff are getting the next two weeks off — Christmas. How hypocritical. After a year of meetings, still no common sense, only confusion — which I believe was apparent at the Dec. 16 school board meeting. Some of us old-timers appreciate and miss the common sense of our past school officials and school boards that knew the importance of traditional programs and decorations in our schools, for the majority who celebrate Christmas. I wish we could get that back.

Joey McAlpine