Letters to the Editor

Concerned gridlock will hurt job growth

Some people here believe that we have plenty of jobs already at Cherry Point and we don’t need another company there, even one that is bringing with it the good jobs that working families treasure. News flash: Whatcom County is not prosperous. There are lines out the door for food banks. Families can’t afford their homes. Since when have “jobs” and “high wages” become dirty words?

Whatcom County has depended on industry since it began. We’ve had lumber mills, canneries, Georgia Pacific, and these have been good, honorable places to work. I believe people who are pretty comfortable right now want to close the door to opportunities for other people to succeed. The fact is, there are very few jobs here, and too few, especially in the private sector, pay enough to support families. Instead of trying to throw every argument under the sun about a shipping terminal, why not find ways to make it work? The other Cherry Point industries do, even with more oil trains coming through our county. The land out there is nicely preserved green space precisely because the industries have created large buffer zones, and it will continue to be. Just once, I’d like to hear one of these “against everything” people offer up solutions to the problems they are dreaming up. Otherwise, we are becoming another place that bickers to no end, just like our elected officials in Congress. Gridlock here is not a solution.

Charles D. Powell