Letters to the Editor

Would ban fences that endanger deer

Last June a neighbor of ours replaced a low, wooden fence with a tall, spiked fence. Two days after the installation, a young doe was impaled on the spikes trying to respond to her newborn fawn’s cry. The fawn eventually died as well, unable to survive without her mother. Since then there have been other deer impaled and/or maimed as a result of this fence. Animal Control has had to respond to pick up the bodies, and one deer had to be shot to put him out of his agony, impaled in the stomach by the spikes.

The deer are used to jumping this fence and don’t understand that it has been replaced with a horrible danger. These types of fences should be illegal, and are illegal in some states, due to the serious hazard they present, to both wildlife and people.

Washington state should join other states that have banned spiked fencing. A deer-proof fence that kills deer is just plain wrong, and there are plenty of other types of fencing that will keep out the deer without killing them.

Pam Bartling