Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Bellingham rental home licensing

The “right” to license business is long-held and has legitimate reasons. However, when business licensure is based on the applicant first having to agree to certain acts being done or allowed, the government right oversteps its bounds.

As examples, if The Bellingham Herald were required to disclose its news sources to the government to be licensed, this would be an overstep. If all businesses were required to allow government agents to search their patrons belongings as they entered their businesses, this would be an overstep. If a landlord were required to allow government searches of and access to a tenant’s home to be licensed, this would be an overstep

It has something to do with Constitutional rights.

Now, if you believe government officials sworn to uphold your rights will step in where necessary, I believe this indicates a complete denial of the history of people in power. We see the erosion of rights in this country on almost a daily basis — death by a thousand little cuts. A few notice and it seems even fewer care.

The City Council’s support of a licensure ordinance requiring landlords to first agree to government entry to their property and forcing searches of a tenant’s home without probable cause should provide pause for every person in this city. Please start voting for people that actually understand their basic obligation to protect and uphold your rights.

Lew Stevenson