Letters to the Editor

Asks courts for more protection for animals

I am sickened and outraged to see, once again, an article regarding Douglas Spink and what I believe to be his latest slap-on-the-wrist stemming from horrific crimes he has committed against animals. Ninety days? Seriously?

As if the animal cruelty charges against him were not enough (and they are), his past record is anything but clean. How about the cocaine smuggling conviction (drugs valued at approximately $34 million)? How about the numerous violations of probation, ranging from lying to a probation officer in a variety of ways, to possessing animals again when legally ruled not to? How about running a bestiality tourism website? What?

To be fair, Judge Snyder deserves kudos for rejecting the terms of Spink’s Alford plea; but what more can be done to take this further? Please, at minimum, Judge Snyder, use your discretion to ban this man from ever owning any more animals of any sort. Is that not a reasonable action?

Spink reportedly has offered to help in the criminal defense of another animal sexual abuser in Tennessee. Surprised? He has further stated he is “proud to be fighting” the Whatcom County charges in hopes of overthrowing the statute banning human-animal sex. Well, news alert: I will do all I can to be stop this man from ever breathing the same air as defenseless animals, and am also “proud to be fighting“ this fight. Anyone care to join me?

Lorna McGowan-Smith