Letters to the Editor

More concerned about gravy train than oil trains

Self-proclaimed stewards are making quite a commotion about the coal trains and the oil trains. It seems that they are concerned about the prospect of new, high-paying jobs, cheaper gasoline, tremendous export profits and the devastation of the Earth. On one side of the street are protestors against the export terminal, coal trains, oil trains and jobs. On the other side are protestors for a living wage. These viewpoints seem to be at odds.

One thing that is never mentioned is the gravy train. I believe if your bread is not buttered by labor or commerce you can be anti-everything. Progress or change is irrelevant if you only have to gather at the station once a week, once a month and greet the gravy train. All the stews are on board for funding: grants, government payments, donations and payola.

Who knows how many gravy trains there are. No one can say how much havoc they are wreaking. The anti-train coalition may want to include this in their discussion.

Alan Spalding