Letters to the Editor

Congratulates Explorations on 20th anniversary

It was heartening to learn from the front page of the Dec. 8 issue of The Bellingham Herald that our community is blessed with an exciting independent high school — Explorations Academy, which is celebrating its 20th year of serving our community.

Explorations offers experiential learning in small groups, mentored relationships of students with their teachers, an interdisciplinary curriculum that helps students creatively think outside the bowl and to think critically about their worlds, offers opportunities to become a responsible leader and serve the community, and a school that teaches more than how to access information; it teaches how to evaluate and use it.

We’re lucky to have a college-prep alternative for students bored with memorization and its continuous testing, an alternative offering chances to evaluate and apply information, an alternative that encourages more than a job-only motivation for learning (as if earning a living was the only thing worth living for, and employee the only role in life worth preparing for).

Every great city offers opportunities appropriate to different kinds of learners. We have a great public high schools in Bellingham. But we’re also lucky to have Explorations Academy. Congratulations to Explorations Academy on its 20th year of success. May you live and flourish for another 20 years (or more)!

Roger Gilman