Letters to the Editor

Happy with results of legislative election

I am pleased with the 2014 election results for the 42nd Legislative district. Voters sent three fantastic candidates to represent our values in Olympia. As a Whatcom County resident, I share their values of setting priorities and sticking with them, working together to protect our way of life, and consistent support in being local.

I am disappointed with the amount of outside environmental money that was spent. Vast sums of the dollars spent went to print houses in Seattle, and Washington D.C. consulting groups. This resulted in nominal economic activities for Whatcom County business, and a frightening day at Skyline Elementary School when these D.C. consultants showed up to take pictures and then sped away. These outsiders are out of touch with Whatcom County.

Now that the dust has settled, I believe the end result of the election is a renewal of support for the continued efforts to correct 30 years of under-funding education, operate with a balance budget, and protecting my fellow citizens from government over reach. I believe Washington State’s future is looking brighter today.

Karen Brown