Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Obama’s policies

In my opinion voters showed on Nov. 4 that you don’t look to Barack Obama when you need leadership. I believe Obama looked at the results of an election in which his policies were on the ballot and the acted against the will of the people. He waived his magic pen over the illegal masses and granted them the ability to compete with millions of unemployed Americans for very few jobs and to stream across our border and overwhelm our hospitals, schools and social services.

The one positive thing I can say about the president’s amnesty speech on the Thursday after the election is that I didn’t lose any respect for him afterwards because I never had any before. I believe an empty man in an empty hall spoke empty words to a nation that no longer believes him. I believe only rank partisans and the progressive media revere him anymore. This is about national sovereignty and the law and Obama can’t make lawlessness lawful.

In my opinion, the era of Barack Obama is over and once this disgrace leaves the Oval Office we’ll have to give it a Silkwood shower.

And finally, I believe that Obama, the man who spent 20 years’ worth of Sundays cheering Rev. Wright, doesn’t have the moral authority to invoke scripture.

Wayne Farber