Letters to the Editor

Suggests Congress should curb executive

All politics is local, as the old saying goes, but people’s attention and emotions are set at the national level. A new Republican majority will take over the legislative branch of the United States government, and the opportunity to govern differently is theirs for the taking.

Millions of Americans do not vote, or just vote during presidential elections, yet the President is just one person and just one voice. The real voice and authority come from the 535 members of the legislative branch. For many decades this branch, under the leadership of both major parties, has systematically delegated legislative authority to the executive branch. This delegation has left we the people with less flexibility to keep our government accountable.

The new majority has an opportunity to change the status quo and actually be a buffer of executive authority. We need a simple, consistent message, then action, that reinforces the authority of the legislative branch to create the laws, which the executive branch then enforces. This simple action should have a positive impact on the millions of Americans who have given up voting.

Ben O’Brine