Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with NFL domestic violence policy

The National Football League is considered to be one of the most popular sports league in our nation. Now, on the contrary, it’s also known to have an unacceptable reputation with domestic violence. Earlier this year, Ray Rice from the Baltimore Ravens was suspended for hitting and knocking out his wife out in an elevator. A couple weeks later, video footage became viral and social media blew up. Rice was only suspended for two games, while Josh Gordon was suspended for 12 weeks due to a couple cases of substance abuse, smoking marijuana. Although yes, Commissioner Goodell created a new domestic violence policy and that possibly could make a player think twice about laying his hands on a lady, it still doesn’t sell the fans on the idea that the NFL actually cares about domestic violence. The NFL was at fault with how they dealt with this Rice case. I believe they realized they were wrong, therefore pressured into dealing with the case furthermore due to embarrassment. If Goodell truly cared, he would have made an amendment to this domestic violence policy on the first case. I believe Goodell quickly acted for the sake of his fans, but focused more on the games’ female fans.

Russel Jay Eserjose