Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Ranker’s education platform

Is Kevin Ranker a capable legislator? I believe a summary of his opinion is:

1. State Supreme Court ruled ... (State Supreme Court ruling is an opinion only ... the State Legislature can change the law to overcome the State Supreme Courts ruling).

2. “Our paramount duty ...” (jingoism, appealing to an emotional concept having nothing to do with the subject - Oh brother!).

3. ... won’t cripple state services. (Scare tactics being used to induce voters to vote new taxes not in their best interests).

4. What I believe we’re really going to need are reliable sources of revenue ... (I’m going to vote to tax the citizenry billions of dollars on a program ...)

5. ... all options on the table. (Right, except looking at the current paradigm of the Washington education system and changing it to suit finances ...)

6. ... will do untold damage across the state. (... fear mongering ... again!).

7. ... lay the groundwork for one of the nation’s top K-12 systems (... That’s not what the Supreme Court ruled ... )

I believe we should consider moving away from bricks and mortar education. Also, change tax structure from sales tax only (tax on the poor and middle class only) to sales tax plus graduated income tax for amounts of annual incomes over $150,000.

I beleive it’s questionable whether Sen. Ranker is capable.

Gregory Brylski