Letters to the Editor

Likes Ranker’s education funding suggestions

As a start to addressing the funding mandate for K-12 education without crippling other essential state responsibilities, I believe Kevin Ranker’s Whatcom View from Nov. 30 is more honest, perceptive and rational than we normally hear – at least publicly – from those we elect. Political rhetoric may have its place in campaigning but effective governing requires looking beyond simplistic slogans. Putting all reasonable options on the table even those we may find personally or ideologically uncomfortable is the first step. Then consider each thoughtfully, recognizing that the folks across the aisle might have a few good ideas. Workable solutions will require hard work and fresh thinking. None of the politically possible solutions will be completely satisfactory to all but they need not be disrespectful of legitimate concerns of either party. One may not agree with Ranker on specific issues but I believe his approach to effective governing is irrefutable. I hope our State Legislature can rise to the challenge. And I hope we, the electorate, will encourage them to do so.

John Whitmer