Letters to the Editor

Concerned about need for healthcare

The need for a single payor public healthcare option was driven home to me today. My 98-year-old mother-in-law has been ailing for several days. She needed to be evaluated in Peacehealth emergency room. My wife and I could have taken her, however the last time this happened she was left waiting while an overcrowded waiting room emptied. Only ambulance delivery would guarantee rapid access for her. And why are hospital waiting rooms often so crowded? I believe that a major part of the problem is that even with the ACA millions of people in this country are without insurance that would provide access to primary care. So these millions seek such care at the local hospital ER.

Almost alone among western civilized countries I believe the U.S. puts profits and protection for insurers and drug companies ahead of basic, common sense healthcare for all. And if the 99 percent most effected by this don’t recognize their need and vote in every election the status quo will persist.

My mother-in-law’s turn this time, I’m 82 and my turn is coming.

Tom Constans