Letters to the Editor

Critical of progress at former G-P site

(December) is the seventh anniversary of the Georgia-Pacific mill shutting down. The mayor and the City Council at that time said they had plans for the property and I believe they did not want G-P there in five years.

I thought it might be interesting to drive by and see what the port and the city did to the property that at one time had 1,200 employees and a $50 million payroll per year. I drove by and to my amazement there were businesses and parks and some light industrial business and the City Council and the Port of Bellingham had lived up to the plan they had that I believe put all of the people out of work that were working at G-P. They had also replaced the tax base that G-P was paying to the city that was lost when the mill shut down.

Then I woke up from my sleep and realized it was all just a dream with the exception of the mill being gone as this is just another city with the usual politicians that make plans and promises that help the voting public and because the port and the city can’t agree on just what to do with the property it is just sitting there seven years later. I just love it when a plan comes together.

Julian S McAllister