Letters to the Editor

Supports bill to broaden health-care coverage

Thank you Darin Detwiller for revisiting your E.coli tragedy. You understand the dangers of food-borne pathogens and physical contact with pathogens. People need to understand how health-care coverage prevents pathogens from spreading and that the uninsured need to gain access to care before other people are infected.

Pending in the Legislature this year will be a bill that could save millions of dollars for the state and secure health care for all, better protecting us from human spread pathogens and health problems. I believe that the Washington Health Security Trust will save medical insurance costs paid to all employees.

The WHST care system is estimated to have an administrative overhead of 2 to 4 percent of medical delivery costs. The average insurance company requires 15 to 20 percent for overhead. WHST savings would be huge for the whole state. Our current for-profit medical care keeps our population of underinsured and uninsured service workers: food handlers, daycare providers, and food processors from the care they need. My neighbor’s pathogen becomes my pathogen and one worker’s hepatitis C can infect many. One sick child’s E.coli can be lethal to another.

I support the passage of WHST in the hope that we can improve the quality of our health and community safety. Ask you legislator to co-sign this bill in the legislature.

Donna Starr