Letters to the Editor

Considers economics of public waterfront

We don’t need more parks and low-cost slips. We need more people with money. It’s one thing to talk and play up the environment politically. It’s quite another to pay for it and local councils, boards and talk groups aren’t necessarily the ones to get that done.

The good news is that the public has every right to speak up and that’s what I am doing. Rather than that park at Cornwall Beach, I believe a private developer needs to put a high-stack “boatel“ back against that cliff with BNSF running between them. This means Port of Bellingham slip fees have got to go up in order for the number of polluting slips and the number of big rigs in angled parking to go down and for the bay side of South Hill to start resembling Santa Barbara, Calif.

Then and only then will economic muscle start returning to this town. Couple in free angled parking downtown and visitors slips tight to the Granary and developers will be all over the place. It’s then that 42nd Legislative District legislators, too, will start giving some attention to our dozen or so pollution-reduction funding challenges.

Terry Montonye