Letters to the Editor

Opposes Gateway Pacific Terminal as bad for environment

I am opposed to the Gateway Pacific coal terminal. I do not trust the promises of SSA Marine/PIT, BNSF and Peabody Energy who I believe have historically proven their primary concern is their financial survival and growth. Because I believe money is No. 1 for them: jobs, employees, safety, and this beautiful area that we call home will always take a back seat.

We can’t afford the pain of watching what these corporations will call the “accidental” destruction and degradation of our beaches, forests, farms, fishing, hunting, recreation, and drinking water. It will enrage us to hear them say the source for the “accidents” can’t be identified and they are not at fault. We will curse ourselves for letting them despoil our treasured resources, lives, and lifestyles while they decrease the number of jobs they offer at every chance because they implement technologies that allow them to do the work more cheaply than paying for human workers.

’Tis the season to be thankful for friends, neighbors, families and the living creatures, lands and waters that help us thrive. I believe SSA Marine, BNSF, and Peabody Energy are not our families, neighbors, or friends and will rid themselves of as many humans and our Earth of as many resources they can so their companies can make as much money as they can. Let’s do all we can to remain forever thankful their destructive project is not approved.

Dena Jensen

Birch Bay