Letters to the Editor

Responds to Obama’s detractors

I write in response to a letter from someone who claims that President Obama has not done anything for the country.

Did you know that Obama has cut both the federal deficit and the unemployment in half? Do you know that his approval rating has only changed by one point in the last few months? Did you know that those people who finally got health insurance are happy with the Affordable Care Act?

You claim that the Obama administration had hysteria over the Ebola crisis. Not so. They kept their heads; I believe Fox News and others screamed hysterically that immigrants would bring Ebola to America, or that Obama had a plot to bring Ebola to America.

I am disgusted with the way this very good man (and president) has been treated. I believe the lies have been vicious, continuous and beyond absurd. The rumors are crazy, and show the appalling ignorance of those who spread them. These rumors were created because they can’t think of anything valid to complain about. He is neither a Muslim, or a dictator, or a socialist.

And if he were a Muslim, what is the problem with that? I believe that hateful vitriol is the language used by cowards.

Elizabeth Standen