Letters to the Editor

Believes Lummi Nation respects the environment

I was very disappointed to see The Bellingham Herald print a letter blaming environmental degradation in Bellingham Bay on the people of the Lummi Nation. The Lummi and their ancestors lived on this bay for thousands of years in deep harmony with the natural environment.

In a little over 200 years, those of us descended from Europeans have brought nearly irreparable harm to this water and land. Some proposed projects in Whatcom County threaten to do much more damage to the Salish Sea than improperly discarded fishing nets.

A better understanding of the Lummi Nation's stewardship of the local environment can be inferred from their positions on projects like the Gateway Pacific Terminal than from one fisherman's tale. Instead of blaming Indigenous people for the destruction of their land, let the non-Indigenous amongst us take responsibility for the changes we have brought and learn how to best live in harmony with this land from its original stewards.

Josh Cerretti