Letters to the Editor

Thinks new gun measure is misguided

I am disappointed in our state. Earlier this month, we approved a measure that severely restricted the rights of myself, and many people like me. We are people who voluntarily subject themselves to background checks on a regular basis. We are responsible gun owners. We are those who make sure that anytime we take a friend new to guns out to enjoy shooting sports, they have been exhaustively education and drilled on the basics of gun safety before they even touch a weapon for the first time.

Initiative 594 would not have stopped the shootings at Seattle Pacific University, or at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. Gun violence needs to be stopped, but I-594 wont be the legislation that makes a difference.

I believe that what I-594 has done is made it illegal for me, and responsible gun owners like me, to pass on our knowledge of shooting and firearms. I, a university student, have over the last few years, taught many of my friends how to safely handle a firearm. I have done this with guns that I own personally. I believe that is no longer possible.

I hope that the voters of this state see the error of their ways, and work in the next years to overturn this misguided law. Police and courts should be putting their energy into dealing with real criminals, not with good people continuing an age-old tradition.

Avio Brooklyn