Letters to the Editor

Thinks more trash cans would help reduce litter

I am a student at Western Washington University and have been living off campus near downtown for the past three months. As a resident of Bellingham, I like to see our city looking its best. Over the few weeks that I have been living here, I have noticed an influx of litter, especially following weekend nights. The yards in the vicinity where I reside are constantly covered with various cans, bottles and waste paper, depreciating the image of the neighborhood.

I believe that in order to reduce the amount of litter around Bellingham, an increase in the amount of waste disposal units would be of benefit. People would be much less tempted to throw their waste away on the ground if trash cans were more convenient around the city.

An increase in proper waste disposal could not only improve the appearance of our neighborhoods, but benefit the environment in a positive way as well.

Haylee Bash