Letters to the Editor

Urges crosswalk on Lakeway Drive at Parkstone Lane

Here’s why a crosswalk is needed on Lakeway Drive at Parkstone Lane:

• Residents cross Lakeway Drive for a variety of reasons: to access transit, reach mailboxes, walk dogs, visit friends, shop, and get to parks.

• Crossing Lakeway on foot is daunting; residents not encouraged to walk in the neighborhood will drive instead, creating additional traffic.

• We have many elderly and children in the community who need additional facilities to cross the street safely.

• The 1.3 mile distance between marked crosswalks on Lakeway Drive is far greater than it should be.

• Although pedestrians have the right-of-way in unmarked crosswalks, most motorists are not aware of this and do not understand that every street corner is an “unmarked” crosswalk.

The criteria proposed for installing a crosswalk is a situation similar to transit headways. People won’t take a bus if it comes only once an hour; yet, transit officials are reluctant to add bus service when there are few passengers. It’s a chicken-and-egg situation. The facilities need to come first; “If you build it, they will come.” We are open to a range of crosswalk treatments, not necessarily the most expensive option.

We need to invest in a sustainable future, and this future does not lie exclusively with motor vehicles, but with a mix of modes in which bicycle, foot and transit travel should be prioritized.

Eileen Kadesh