Letters to the Editor

Wants U.S. to address climate change

With the election finally over, Congress should come together to address the nation’s issues, chief among them the looming nightmare of climate change.

We are late to stepping up to this problem; eight of the world’s 10 largest economies have already acted to put a price on carbon emissions, the exceptions being the U.S. and Russia. Meanwhile, I believe the effects of climate change are apparent: increasing acidification of local waters, retreating glaciers, dying forests, freakier weather.

A recent nonpartisan study by Regional Economic Models Inc. concludes that a carbon fee and dividend system would cut carbon emissions while adding (not costing) jobs. Furthermore, I think such a system would encourage private industry to innovate and find cost-effective solutions, far better than setting up a cumbersome regulatory apparatus. U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen: congratulations on your re-election. Now let’s work on solving this problem instead of passing it on to our children.

Raymond Dellecker