Letters to the Editor

Advises against misjudging Columbus

Being part Cherokee, I am all in favor of having a special day to honor First Nations people. But to dump Columbus Day is very wrong and could cause more racial tension. According to the historical book “Christopher Columbus: A man Among the Gentiles” by Clark B. Hinckley, “In recent decades Columbus has been portrayed as a greedy gold seeker, guilty of genocide and destroying the environment. The historical studies prove that wrong. Columbus has become the scapegoat for what other white men inflicted on the native. History shows that Columbus was a man of faith.” No more then you can blame President Washington for all the cruel evil that happened over many years to the natives in residential schools in the U.S. and Canada you cannot blame Columbus for what other men did either. Do not buy everything you hear, check it out in a correct history that’s dated and documents correctly.

Not only is a day to honor First Nations people needed, but also repentance and forgiveness of what has happened in the past to the First Nations people. I have a very dear friend who is the former grand chief of 12 Nations in British Columbia and her mission has been to bring healing to the native people by bring together political leaders and native chiefs together in different parts of the land and have a ceremony of repentance and forgiveness. It works and good things are happening because of these meetings.

Rosemary Gustafson