Letters to the Editor

Ticketed for parking too far from the curb

I recently parked on State Street in the 1200 block on the west side of the street. I parked inside the white lines designed to indicate parking spots, plugged the meter and had lunch.

When I returned to my car I had a parking ticket on the windshield. I still had time on the meter so imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope to discover I was being fined $20 for parking more than 12 inches from the curb. Had I been driving a big pickup truck and parked right up against the curb my driver’s side door would have been exactly where the door of my Audi was but the driver of the truck wouldn’t have been breaking the law.

I immediately went to the Municipal Court building and paid the fine. No one there had any knowledge of the law. It is not posted anywhere on the street nor is it mentioned on the parking meter. The office person said it is probably spelled out in the municipal code pamphlet but had no idea where to get a copy.

I pay my property taxes and try to buy locally. I feel that I am a good citizen who has just been fleeced by an unfair and underhanded law. It really makes me want to avoid downtown Bellingham completely. Put it on a sign, repeal it or at least send me a copy of the obscure laws so a can comply in the future. The $20 I paid today certainly ought to cover the cost of a few copies.

Mike Coggins