Letters to the Editor

Thinks South Fork Valley is safer for coal, oil trains

The coal and oil trains must not keep coming through Bellingham when I believe a safer route is available through the South Fork Valley.

I believe the worries over long waits for emergency vehicles we hear of will not exist when things are done right with overpasses at all crossings.

About the cost to do it right: Some of you may not know that BNSF is owned by billionaire Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, so funding should not be a problem, and think of the jobs this will create.

So Bellingham, set a date when oil and coal trains will no longer come through our town. It may take getting a law enacted that prevents industry from endangering our citizens when alternatives are available, but do whatever it takes. Don’t wait until the inevitable tragedy, and then face the anguish and remorse over what could have, and should have, been done.

Bob Larson