Letters to the Editor

Likes writer’s simple solution to Ebola crisis

I am still in a state of amazement from reading Mark Nelson’s letter to the editor about how to deal with Ebola. It is just so excellent, and shows the remarkable skill and super intelligence that is characteristic of his public statements over the decades. And hats off to the young woman who thought of this process and is now his hero.

Here we are running around isolating people and teaching our hospitals to use elaborate gear, when all they have to do is buy garbage bags, a plastic coat, rubber boots and latex gloves. Many families already have this equipment in their homes and don’t even need to go to the store to be prepared. I agree we have to ask why the World Health Organization hasn’t figured out her process yet. What are they thinking? Oh yeah. I think they are just inventing an excuse to get millions from Obama’s stash. What a shame.

Thank you again, Nelson, for your thoughtful, insightful and brilliant solution to this world problem. I think you should apply for a job at Texas Health Presbyterian or the World Health Organization. Better yet, they really should have made you the new Ebola czar.

Dusty Andersen