Letters to the Editor

Says Fleetwood has fresh ideas

Says Fleetwood has fresh ideas

As a general statement of what government should and should not do, I think Seth Fleetwood’s “Election View” (Oct. 15) is a breath of fresh air.

Our political discourse is awash in polarized, ideological views about the government’s role, about taxation policy, about social “values” to name a few. Candidates often appear unaware that government’s role in our lives is always a tricky balance, but they rarely acknowledge that the other side might have something of value, and they are often unwilling to admit that compromise is possible without selling out principles.

We need more people in public office who recognize — and have the courage to say they recognize — what I believe are these undeniable truths. I may not agree with Fleetwood on every issue, but to me that’s less important than his apparent willingness to think freshly and independently. He certainly has my support.

John Whitmer