Letters to the Editor

Thinks Fleetwood will make meaningful difference

Thinks Fleetwood will make meaningful difference

In reflecting upon politics in America, I have to applaud the large corporations for a well-orchestrated strategy. Divide and conquer is an old game. It works and we are all the pawns. It’s like a coin toss with heads they win and tails we lose. Democrats and Republicans are getting farther and farther apart. And the resultant legislative roadblocks favor those in power, the corporations.

Change has to start somewhere and local elections are where our vote can make a meaningful difference. Please vote for Seth Fleetwood (chosen by Cascadia Weekly’s readers as Best Public Figure this year). And not for his opponent Doug Ericksen (chosen by the same readers for Best Scandal for leading Washington state’s Legislature in taking free lunches from lobbyists). If you follow the money, I believe you will see that most of Fleetwood’s donations are from individuals while most of Ericksen’s are from corporations. This tells you who they would be working for.

I believe you should vote for Fleetwood. And also vote for Joy Monjure and Satpal Sidhu. We are lucky to have these well-qualified individuals running for office and if elected I believe they will make us proud.

Harvey Schwartz