Letters to the Editor

Says Ericksen hasn’t helped local clean-energy businesses

I saw Doug Ericksen’s op-ed claiming to support small business and new energy sources. I believe that’s not true.

I am one of the many small businesses in Whatcom County involved in, solar, hydro, manure, bio-fuel, wood, wind, and energy efficiency. I am also president of the Local Energy Alliance of Washington, an industry association.

Ericksen has done nothing in his tenure to help the local businesses that are working on supplying our own clean energy. This hurts the farm and forest land owners where much of that energy could be produced.

In fact, there have been two important bills in front of the Senate to help us provide more of our own energy. These are not subsidies, but rather remove unnecessary regulation and open up markets, things a true conservative should support. Yet I believe that Ericksen’s presence on the energy committee is the very reason these policies have not even had a fair hearing.

It seems his claim to being a conservative is only empty talking points. If he can’t support our local businesses, decrease regulation, open markets, and increase property rights what good is he? Let’s vote for an honest moderate instead of a fake conservative!

Seth Fleetwood has a proven record of supporting small business, being fair minded, and staying loyal to his constituency.

Terrance Meyer