Letters to the Editor

Backs McClure for Public Utility District seat

Backs McClure for Public Utility District seat

I am writing to express my support for Jeff McClure’s re-election to his seat on the Public Utility District Commission.

As a member of the agricultural community, I am actively involved in water management issues that are crucial for farmers. Water rights, irrigation and water quality have major impacts on farming, and the Whatcom County PUD is an important resource for farmers. Not only does the PUD assist small water associations with water-quality issues, it also contributes to discussions between landowners and government entities surrounding water rights.

I appreciate how McClure has actively played a role in understanding water issues for both farming and fisheries, and I believe he is is committed to finding solutions that make sense for all parties. I encourage voters to support McClure so that he can continue his work with the PUD.

Marty Maberry