Letters to the Editor

Supports Ferndale gas tax measure

Supports Ferndale gas tax measure

If you drive by Ferndale gas stations, you can’t miss the big yellow signs campaigning against Proposition 1, the ballot measure to raise the gas tax by a penny a gallon. Several signs have the catchy phrase “1 cent now, how much later?” The answer is simple: One cent. That’s the maximum amount allowed by state law — Ferndale City Council can’t change it. And the state law also says that the revenues raised by the penny tax must be used on street maintenance. That’s another thing that the council cannot change. Only the voters of Ferndale can approve this tax and the Ferndale City Council can’t make changes without going back to the voters.

And speaking of City Council, the big yellow signs also not so subtly suggest that it can’t be trusted. In 2012, this council asked Ferndale voters to approve a transportation benefit district, promising to use the revenues raised to fix the city’s roads (63 percent of Ferndale voted for it). I believe that improvements to Main, Thornton, Vista, Barrett and Church roads prove that City Council has been true to its promise.

I believe that the penny tax will give Ferndale a source of revenue dedicated to street maintenance and, more importantly, a source of revenue that Ferndale can control. That’s critical, especially since the city faces $15 million in street improvements.

I believe you should base your vote on facts, not on fears. Vote yes on Proposition 1.

Wendy Lawrence