Letters to the Editor

Believes Sidhu has experience, skills to lead

Believes Sidhu has experience, skills to lead

At a recent candidate forum one of our leading local educators said to the candidates: “Don’t tell me what you believe, show me how you have spent your time and it will show what you believe.”

Powerful words that should guide us every time we vote.

This year, a political newcomer Satpal Sidhu is running for the 42nd District. I believe he has exactly the resume we need for this job. A former dean at Bellingham Technical College and holder of three degrees, we have proof he values education.

He owns two local businesses, proof he knows how to create jobs. His 20-plus years understanding mental health challenges, changing school curricula, and protecting our quality of life proves serving the community matters to him.

The person challenging Sidhu is Luanne Van Werven. How she has spent the past 20 years could not be more different.

Her campaign website makes no mention of doing anything to help educate our kids. Her only community service listed was in the 1990s. I believe her business experience is from watching others. Instead Van Werven has spent the past 20 years working in party politics, proof that a career in politics is what really matters to her most.

We all know that a person’s past is the best predictor of their future behavior. Please elect Satpal Sidhu because I believe he has proven to us that he will actually work on what we value if we send him to Olympia.

Rud Browne