Letters to the Editor

Thinks anti-tax stance is simply selfishness

The state Supreme Court has found the state Legislature is in contempt of court for failing to fund education adequately. Republicans running for office consider any tax increases horrible. Taxes should increase, and here’s what I believe is the reason why.

•  The wealthiest 1% of Washington taxpayers (average income of $1.6 million) pay percent of their income in state and local taxes.

Middle-income taxpayers ($31-48,000) pay 11 percent of their income in these taxes.

•  Low-income taxpayers (less than $17,000) pay 18 percent of their income in taxes, more than five times the rate of the best off.

As government costs increase from increased population, pollution, sprawling growth, etc., it is not possible to make ends meet relying on taxes mostly paid (percentage-wise) by the poorest people. Taxes on the rich need to increase. Liberals are too polite to say the truth: Conservatives’ anti-tax rhetoric is simply an attempt to find a moral justification for selfishness.

Daniel M. Warner