Letters to the Editor

Likes Van Werven’s pledge of bipartisanship

As an Independent voter I, like most Americans, am sick and tired of the partisan bickering and gridlock in our country. Neither political party can put aside their differences to solve the critical issues facing us today. They refuse to budge from their talking points and cannot compromise, which is making matters worse. Often I feel like throwing my hands in the air and lose hope, but recently I was inspired.

One afternoon my doorbell rang and it was candidate Luanne Van Werven who is running for state representative for the 42nd District at my door. She told me she worked in Olympia with both parties as a citizen legislator to protect individual’s personal information from companies, worked on Indian tribal matters, and she adopted measures ensuring our vote are accurately counted and secure. Van Werven then pledged to me, “I am a Republican who will gladly work with reasonable Democrats to get the job done, as I always have.”

At last! Music to my ears! This is the dialogue that I believe is missing from both parties today. As an Independent voter, I will give my vote to Luanne Van Werven.

Mark Sanger